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If there is anything I don’t need, it’s more blankets

Join our conversations about design, quality, making good and rewarding choices and your family’s wellbeing.

The cold season is prime time for hot drinks, fires, cozy corners and slow meals.

We’re cuddling up for the weekend ahead with hot tea, a new read and a bunch of warm blankets.

Different quality measurements

“They saw at once that she must be a real princess when she had felt the pea through twenty mattresses and twenty feather beds.”

Hans Christian Andersen, The Princess and the Pea

There are lots of different quality measurements!

We don’t resort to peas – but we do make sure that our blankets comply with the strictest requirements, so your children can sleep and play safe in our softest GOTS-certified organic cotton blankets.



I have two of your blankets already for our children and they absolutely love them. They sleep curled up in them every night. This one is for my 3 year old he will love it!

When they are not feeling well they love to lie on the sofa with the blankets as they are so comforting!  I would love them to keep the blankets when they are in their teens so they can have them as a happy comfort memory. These things are important I think for children.

I need to get myself one!

Amanda, UK

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Certifications & Reliability

We want no toxins in babies’ and children’s rooms, and preferably none altogether in our homes. We attach great importance to your family’s well-being. We vouch for the sustainability, security, safety, and overall decency of all our products.

Committed to our environment, we produce all our products locally in the most sustainable way possible. Consequently, they all comply with strict ecological standards and carry certificates, which highlight their superior quality, reliability and easy-care characteristics.

And we make an effort to provide you with full details about how our products have been made.


I love the very high quality of materials and poetic and aesthetic research!

I’ve meet Fab Goose almost three years ago when I’ve bought a blanket for my little girls. Then I have realized Fab goose was super. I decided to cooperate with Fabulous Goose for my projects – Kidsroomzoom. I love the very high quality of materials and poetic and aesthetic research!

Paola Noe

Quality meets design

Play and snuggle blankets for design conscious parents: their style even complements the Eames chair. The deliberately timeless design of these extra soft cotton blankets is also perfect for a tidy parents’ bedroom.

The blankets not only snuggle the skin, but they also go easy on the conscience due to their fair and eco-friendly manufacturing in Germany.  Quality meets design.

Katja Runge
afilii – good design for children